This is a herb like herb for colds, eczema and itchiness.

By | October 11, 2022

This is a herb like herb for colds, eczema and itchiness.

Today, in this article, we are going to give you information about a herb that once you use it, you are guaranteed to keep using it again and again because its benefits are enormous. So let’s talk about that plant.

This plant grows in the main monsoon season if you have inflammation and fever problem and itch a lot and your cattle get frequent ticks and they don’t die then this plant is used to treat it. This herb is used to act like an elixir on many diseases.

So let’s know about the name of this plant its name is worm plant. This herb is called Dhumrapatra varavati in Sanskrit as the leaves of this varavati are smoky in color, this varavati is known as Keedamar varavati in Marathi.

This plant grows profusely in the monsoon season and its leaves are round and smoky black in color. Its flowers look like kiranjali in color and appear with long stalks. The fruit is small bore in the size of the fruit. When this fruit dries up, black seeds come out from inside it. The juice of the leaves of this plant is very bitter and has a pungent smell.

Uses of Keedamari Herb: According to our ancient Aryabhishaka scriptures, if small children are having problems like constipation i.e. they are not getting enough, the leaves of Keedamari should be heated and kept near the navel of the child or placed on the navel of the child. To be tied. By doing this experiment, a small child will start to clean the bush naturally.

ખરજવા વિશે અહીંથી જાણો સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી

ખરજવું થવાના કારણો

અસરકારક ઉપાયો

ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

This herb works like an elixir to cure people who have ringworm, ringworm, itchiness or itchiness. For the treatment of which you first have to take few leaves of this wormy plant and extract the juice from it. Applying this extracted juice on the part of the body where you are itching is beneficial because this juice is very bitter and strong smelling. As it heals itching quickly. You have to apply this juice in the morning after washing your hair and applying it twice a day in the evening is beneficial.

It is said about pest plants that any insect that passes under their plant dies instantly and poisonous insects do not come near their plant. Due to anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties found in kidamari, it is very useful in skin diseases.

If the cattle have got silver in your house or if there is a wound in some place and you see it in that place, then you have to collect the leaves of this worm and grind it and make it like a pure sauce and then apply the pestle on the place where the cattle got in your house. By keeping it in the place for only 2 days, all the pests are destroyed and the result is good and the wound in that place is also completely healed.

If you are suffering from fever and at that time consuming 2 to 3 grams of powder mixed with some lindi pepper powder and some powder of wormwood seeds cures fever and this herb is also used to cure chorasis.

If you have inflammation on any part of the body, to cure it, you should extract the juice of the leaves of the wormwood plant and massage this juice on the affected area.

If the women are suffering from pain due to menstruation, then taking 20 to 30 mg of Kedamari almanac will relieve the pain. As the nature of kidamari is hot, women who are pregnant and small children should not use it.

Thus, we have given you the necessary information about the benefits of using wormwood herbs.