Consuming these 6 things at night without making a mistake, you will become a victim of serious diseases

By | October 15, 2022

Consuming these 6 things at night without making a mistake, you will become a victim of serious diseases

Today’s generation does not like to eat at home in the evening because times have changed, it has become a craze to eat out with friends or relatives, go to hotels and eat fast food, londa made of meat and then get gas, constipation and fat deposits.


To live a good and healthy lifestyle one should eat simple and nutritious meals that can be prepared at home. Simple vegetable, rotla, khichdi, curry is the best food and there is a saying that “whatever grows in the soil, only that can be digested by man”.

Friends, many people have a belief that eating anything after 7 pm is likely to gain weight, so they don’t eat dinner, but they don’t know that dinner is very important and beneficial for the health of our body. is If you believe that you should eat less at night, but it is not so, eating more or less at night, both rules are completely wrong.

Yogurt : It is mostly observed that people eat yogurt at night. According to Ayurveda, yogurt increases kapha and pitta, which means if you consume it, you get many problems like cough, period pain, pain and you get whey. can consume

Wheat item : In Ayurveda, wheat is considered as guru meaning heavy. It is said that this takes more time to digest. This is the reason why consumption of wheat and wheat products at night causes digestive problems. Instead of wheat, you should eat bajra rota and jowar rota, which are very beneficial for health.

Avoid consuming chewable items : Many people prefer to eat salt after meals. Currently, people consume chocolate the most, these items take a lot of time to digest. Now is the time that “Khane ke baad kus mitha ho jaye”, he does this and says, Ela bhai, you will be annoyed without being allowed to take it. Many people take a cake bait on the ground, which is too difficult for the body to digest.

Menda items : Menda has now become a home in every home and hotel. Menda is called salt poison because it does not contain fiber and consuming more of it can lead to ailments including constipation and you are more likely to get stomach ailment. At night, it is very difficult to digest things made of ground beef. People are now used to eating pizza, burgers, naan bread, no one wants to have simple food, everyone wants to go out to eat and drink and is worried about posting status on social media.

Raw Salad:  Eating raw salad is beneficial for health but if you consume this salad at night, it also harms you, so you should not eat raw salad at night even by mistake.

Fruits : Morning time is considered suitable for eating fruits. Fruits contain natural sugars. Eating it can cause digestive problems. Therefore, it is advised to avoid eating fruits at night.

So, if you consume such things at night, it will harm your health.