Just do this to open a blocked vein in any part of the body

By | October 20, 2022

Just do this to open a blocked vein in any part of the body


Nature has made our body so wonderful and with so many mysteries that everything becomes easier as its mysteries are solved. There are two thousand crores of capillaries in our body. In our body, two ears, two eyes, two noses, two jaws, two brains, two hands, two legs, two Venus glands, two lungs, thus all the organs are in pairs.

The science behind which is that in case of any accidental accident, if one of the two organs is damaged, we can live our whole life with the help of the other organ. In which if one kidney is damaged, we can live with the help of the other kidney.

Our body has a natural system which is called angiogenesis system. Our body has billions of capillaries, arteries, veins etc. All these increase the dilation of capillaries or veins.

The reason they are so numerous is because their automatic system is such that when a tumor forms in the body, certain capillaries will be blocked. It will stop working. Due to which the growth of the tumor will stop.

The cells of the body which are dying due to lack of nutrition, the cells of the body which are drying up due to lack of nutrition, in which the brain cells are drying up, the veins of the eyes are drying up, the veins of the ears are drying up, in this way, dryness is seen in many places in the body. At such times, the capillaries that are there automatically arise and a brand new one is formed to meet that sukhara. In this part, so many nutrients and all the things that can be found get the body from this vein, that is, from this capillary.

You have been given a special formula for heart patients. For this, collect 1 gram of cinnamon, 10 grams of black pepper, 10 grams of bay leaves, 10 grams of brains, 10 grams of sugar (whole), 10 grams of walnuts, 10 grams of linseed, making a total of 61 grams.

Grind all the ingredients into a powder in a mixer and make 6-6 gm padikas. Take one paduka daily in the morning on an empty stomach with lukewarm water. Do not eat anything for an hour. You can drink tea. Any blocked vein from feet to head will be opened. If the heart patient continues to take this food throughout his life, then there is a guarantee that he will not have a heart attack or paralysis.

If you want another solution, for this red juice and green juice, these two juices produce nitric oxide in the body. Red juice contains stimulants that produce nitric oxide. For example, drink beet juice or drink beet juice half an hour before meals or take beet raw. Apart from this, you can take pomegranate juice, watermelon juice, red tomato juice. Mix all these and juice them to make their juice and drink it, nitric oxide starts to be produced in the body automatically. If this juice is consumed for 90 days according to Ayurveda, it gives full benefits.

When the leaves of any green vegetable like spinach, fulvar bhaji leaves, green coriander etc. are taken half an hour before meals to make green juice, it gives very good results. To make this juice, take green coriander, mint, spinach, cucumber, greens without leaves etc. and put them in a mixer to make juice and drink it. Drink this juice even for 90 days.


ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

From these two juices, the body will create nitric oxide with the help of enzymes. We should make juice of such colored substance and drink it. Green and red substances reflect the red and green colors from the sun, due to which they act to produce nitric oxide in our body.

If you have taken red juice in the morning then you have to consume green juice in the evening. Or you can consume 3 days of red juice and 3 days of green juice in a week. Consuming juice made from the fruits of this red vegetable and the leaves of green leafy vegetables naturally produces nitric oxide in the body. Which is useful in opening the blockage created in all the veins in the body.

When the blood flows through the veins of the body, due to some reason, there are obstructions. Cholesterol causes a blockage there. Blood is obstructed due to calcium blockage. If this is stopped even in the cerebral vein, the blood supply to the brain is reduced. Blood supply to the heart decreases.

If there is a valve blockage in the veins that supply blood to the leg, the leg becomes black. The leg gets swollen and if you show it to the doctor, the doctor says that the leg will have to be amputated. All this is due to blockage of veins. But if ayurvedic medicine is made into juice and consumed, the problem of amputation of feet is removed from this blockage and also from this disease.

These experiments correspond to nature, according to the system of the body, tasir and diet, viharcharya and contemplation. This experiment depends on all these. Based on all this, many people benefit greatly from this experiment.

If this experiment is done, there is an automatic system in the body which will start automatically. Where the tumor is starting to form, this system will be activated and the tumor will stop forming. Where the veins are obstructed anywhere, the health of the veins is threatened, then the value of nitric oxide is very high in all these experiments. Nitric oxide is very useful if you try it. This nitric oxide is produced in our body during diet.

We take such a diet and if it happens, the gas is such that there is an environment inside the veins of the whole body, if there is an injury, this gas circulates in all the veins and does all the repairing work.

Where necessary, if the veins are dry, the brain is dry, the ear veins are dry, the person who is in a coma for some reason, if he is in a coma for many years, that person can also be helped with the help of this gas.

Thus, you can open the blockages in the veins in the body by making this juice. In this way, every vein in the body can be benefited by getting nitric oxide naturally. Removes blockages in the organs. Repairs injuries to organs. We hope this information is very useful for you.