Cracked heels will be as soft and supple as before in just 2 days

By | October 22, 2022

Cracked heels will be as soft and supple as before in just 2 days

Many people get cracked heels due to constant working in rocky ground, staying bare feet in winter or not wearing slippers etc. This problem sometimes causes aching or throbbing pain in the heel and sometimes more pain. Many people suffer a lot due to these cracked heels. This is a very useful home remedy to cure cracked heels.

To fix cracked heels first wash your feet well. Wash the feet thoroughly with water and clean them. To clean the heels of these feet, heat water and fill this water in a big pot and immerse the feet in it. In this water, add one teaspoon and juice of one lemon. Also keep feet immersed in it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Later rub the feet evenly with a suitable towel or brush. By doing this, the old cells in the hot water will gradually come out and will be very beneficial.

Washing the feet in this way with warm water kills the bacteria that the lemon contains. Many times we don’t wash our feet from outside and they get filled with bacteria or debris which causes cracked heels. For this clean the feet properly. In this way the acupressure system also works due to which the entire body is very beneficial. Soaking feet in warm water benefits the entire skin on the body. Black spots on the body are removed.

Now to treat cracked heels first take a des. Take white colgate in this dice and put it in it. For this, take half a teaspoon of colgate. Any other white colored toothpaste can be used instead of Colgate.

This colgate contains very useful and beneficial elements that can heal our cracked heels. After this, mix a capsule of vitamin E inside the collagen. Different sizes of capsules are available in the market. Any of which capsules can be brought. If it has smaller capsules, use two capsules.

Cut the top of this capsule and pour the juice from inside it into Colgate and mix the Colgate well and add two to three drops of lemon juice. Mix this paste properly and apply it on cracked heels. Apply this paste by massaging it. A good massage stimulates the circulation of blood which in turn helps the new blood to heal faster. If there is excessive bleeding from the heels, then do not use lemon.

ઉધરસ-ખાંસી માટેના આયુર્વેદ  ઉપચાર

અજીર્ણ-ભૂખ ન લાગતી  હોઈ 

અનિદ્રા માટેઆ આયુર્વેદ ઉપચારો

આધાશીશી-માથાના દુઃખાવાના ઉપચાર

એલર્જીથી થતી શરદી મટી શકે

એસીડીટીને દુર કરવા ના ૧૫ ઉપાય

કબજિયાત દૂર કરવાના સરળ ઉપાયો

કાનનાં રોગો અને આયુર્વેદ વિશેની માહિતી

ખરજવું, ખસ, ખૂજલી, દરાજ

ખાંસી નો ઉપચાર

ખીલના ઘરગથ્થુ ઉપચાર

ગેસ નો ઘરેલું ઉપચાર

જીવજંતુના ડંખમાં ઘરેલુ ઉપચાર

ડાયાબિટીસના ઇલાજ માટે 10 ઘરેલુ ઉપાયો

તુલસીના ફાયદા

દમ-શ્વાસના ઘરેલુ ઉપચાર

એડી ફાટવી ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

If the heel is slightly cracked, lemon juice can be applied, which works for faster healing. Lemon contains vitamin C which is very beneficial for these heels. While the vitamin E present in the capsule heals AD and helps in wound healing. Applying this paste at night is more beneficial. After applying this paste at night, put on some polythene and put on some gloves. This remedy cures cracked heels in just one night. This remedy is very useful.

Apart from this, drink plenty of water a day to heal cracked heels. Keeping our body hydrated is essential to cure any disease. Many times the heels also crack due to water deficiency. Due to the fact that we drink less water in the cold season, heels crack more in winter.

In summer and monsoon we drink a lot of water due to the heat, due to which the heels do not crack and other diseases are also cured. When drinking less water in the body in winter, the body gets less water than required due to which it affects our body. Due to which the body becomes dry and the skin on the body becomes dry. Due to which the heels also start to crack due to drainage. That’s why you should drink plenty of water.

Apart from this, potatoes can also heal cracked heels. For this, first take a potato and peel off its upper skin with a paddle. After this mash the potatoes. Crush it properly, wrap it in a cloth and extract the juice. Add some lemon juice to this juice and mix well. Colgate can also be put in it. Apply this juice on the cracked heels with the help of a lemon wedge. Let this juice sit for at least 20 minutes.

This remedy also cures AD. Gradually the old cells are destroyed and replaced by new ones. Doing this remedy is very beneficial in heel and cures heel. This remedy is very effective and cures heel very effectively. This Remedy

Thus, cracked heels can be repaired with this remedy. These are very useful and easy tips. This remedy plays an important role in curing excessively cracked heels. This remedy also relieves heel pain in the body. This remedy is so useful that it can cure the heel problem overnight. We hope this information is very useful for you.