Lord Shrikrishna himself has said that when luck is not with you, then you must do this remedy 

By | October 22, 2022

Lord Shrikrishna himself has said that when luck is not with you, then you must do this remedy 


 even after making a lot of efforts, your every work is becoming unsuccessful or you are not getting success according to your hard work. In that it is said that luck and fortune are not with each other. It is very important to have luck to earn more wealth or money, otherwise it is impossible to fulfill any wish. There are many remedies mentioned in astrology, by adopting which bad luck will stop chasing you and luck will start supporting you.

If you feel that bad times are not chasing you or bad luck is going on then there is no need to worry. You can adopt some remedies mentioned in religious Puranas. It may ease your troubles a bit. Lord Shri Krishna has also mentioned some remedies, by following which you can get rid of your bad luck.

Do this remedy while taking a bath

If your luck is not with you then you should take a bath every morning while taking a bath with a pinch of turmeric added to it. It keeps the grace of Lord Vishnu and Jupiter. That makes you lucky. If you take a bath in the evening, add a pinch of salt to the water. It will remove all negativity.

Worship Hanumanji

If you have constant money related or other problems in your life then worshiping Panchmukhi Hanumanji is considered very auspicious. That is why one should go to a temple every Tuesday and recite Hanuman Chalisa by lighting a lamp in front of Panchmukhi Hanumanji. By the grace of Hanumanji one gets relief from all problems like money, work, enemies etc.

Light a lamp near Tulsi

It is believed in the scriptures that if a person lights a lamp near a Tulsi plant every day, all kinds of negative energies in his life will be destroyed. Scientists also consider it very auspicious after seeing its benefits.

Blowing conch while performing puja is beneficial

If you feel Vastu Dosha in any part of your house, then you should blow the conch in the morning and evening at that place. If there is no conch in the house, then you can also ring the bell after the puja at that place. The sound emitted from it destroys the negative energy in the environment.

If you are not getting proper success despite all your efforts then feed the cow with some turmeric in dry flour every day. Do this regularly every day. Cow is considered sacred and revered in all scriptures. The cow is the abode of all the gods and goddesses, and by worshiping it, the devotee begins to receive good fortune. According to astrology, upon satisfying the cow mother, she fulfills all wishes in the form of blessings in return for the devotee’s service.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Always do good deeds. Follow your own religion. Every human being knows a little about luck. It is said that when we achieve success after hard work, it is our karma, but when success is achieved without hard work, it is called luck. In the Brahma Muhurta, waking up in the morning and chanting the Lord’s name, meditation, yoga and puja will bring accidental benefits.

Before sunrise, join both your hands together and turn your palms over your face. Because it has been said in the scriptures that Lakshmi resides in the front part of our hand and Saraswati resides in the root of the hand. That is, God has given so much strength in our hands on the basis of which we can earn wealth i.e. Lakshmi. Not only that, Saraswati and Lakshmi are seated in the middle of the Prabhu Swayam hand to establish the harmony that we attain. Then in the morning one should take advantage of the strength given by the Lord by doing darshan of his hands.

Among the rotis made for food, the first roti should be given to the cow. According to the scriptures, cow is considered to be the abode of all the gods and goddesses. If bread is given to a cow every day, all the deities are pleased and all the wishes are fulfilled. Daily ants should be fed by mixing flour with sugar. By doing this, your sinful deeds are reduced and your virtuous deeds are increased. The same Punya Karma helps in fulfilling your desires.

The gods and goddesses installed in the house should be decorated with flowers every day. Just be careful that flowers should always be fresh. Offering flowers etc. to the gods and goddesses with a sincere heart makes them happy and the fortune of the devotees shines. Always keep the house clean. Take out the trash every morning. Do not dispose of garbage at home in the evening. By doing this, Lakshmi gets exhausted and the human being has to face financial loss.