This herb will make the bones as strong as stone Bones are the.

By | October 22, 2022

This herb will make the bones as strong as stone Bones are the.

main structure of the body. The structure and shape of our body comes from bones. Bones in the body are made up of calcium and phosphorus. Bones are also considered essential for strengthening the body. If the bone is weak, even a slight fall can cause a fracture. Bones need to be strong in the body. If the bones are strong, there is no problem even at the time of accident and there is no fracture. Here in this article we will show how to make bones strong like stone, increase the strength of bones so that there is no damage to bones at any time. So that accidents, broken bones, bandages, operations, rods and bed rest for 6-8 months can be avoided.

Mostly after the age of 40, the production of calcium in the body begins to decrease. Due to which calcium deficiency occurs. There is a common treatment for this which is very useful for strengthening the bones which weaken after 40 years. Nagarvel leave


are very beneficial if this treatment is done daily. So bring some nagarvel leaves and keep it in the fridge. This leaf can be kept fresh in the fridge for a long time. Nagar vel leaves are very useful for body and bones. Along comes quicklime, bring it and dissolve it by adding water etc. Keep this dissolved lime in a vial. It would be better to fill this lime in a dropper bottle. Because it will be easy to drop.


દિવાળીના 2 દિવસ પહેલા દૂધમાં આ એક વસ્તુ મિક્સ કરીને ચેહરા પર લગાવી દો

ભોજન પછી તરત જ આ 1 દાણો બરાબર ચાવી ને ખાઈ લો અને જુવો પછી તેની કમાલ

શરીરના કોઇ પણ ભાગની બ્લોક નસ ખોલવા માટે બસ આટલું કરો

આ સાત સંકેતો તમને કહેશે કે તમે અને તમારો પરિવાર કેટલા હેલ્થી છે

આંખોના નંબર દુર કરતુ વિશ્વનું એકમાત્ર દિવ્ય ફળ, બાળકો થી લઇ ને વૃદ્ધો માટે છે સંજીવની

શિયાળામાં દરેક લોકોએ અવશ્ય ખાવું જોઈએ આ, આખું વર્ષ પ્રોટીનની ઉણપ નહિ રહે

બાજરો ખાવાથી શરીરમાં જે થાય છે જે અત્યાર ના 90% લોકોને ખબર જ નથી

ધાધર, ખરજવું અને ખંજવાળનો કાળ છે આ એક જડીબુટ્ટી જેવી વનસ્પતિ

After this take a nagarvel leaf. Apply a drop of dissolved lime of this nagar vel leaf. After applying this drop, paste it on the nagarvel leaf. After twisting its stem and eating it, chew this leaf after some time.

After 40 years if this experiment is done permanently then calcium deficiency is cured. By which old age bone fracture, broken bone, weak bone gets rid of all these problems forever.

Eating bananas also provides calcium to the bones and keeps the bones strong. Banana is also an excellent medicine for bones. But bananas are difficult for older people to digest. Banana causes acidity in the body. Due to the acidic nature of bananas, many people do not like them. At such times these people can experiment with nagar vel and lime. It will strengthen the bones. Thus doing this remedy strengthens the bones in a certain way. The body gets strength. And the strength of the body is also maintained. By doing this experiment regularly, problems like bone pain, joint pain will never occur in the body.

Apart from this, bones can be strengthened through many therapies. While broken bones can be joined by some treatments. In which osteotomy-like thor is tied to the broken bone, the bone is joined. Over the years we have come across this experiment in Ayurveda. When we did not have the medical treatment to perform an operation, this medicine was used to join the broken bones.

Another experiment is very important when a fracture has occurred. In which broken bones can be joined by this experiment and can be made strong like Vajra. In which Acacia Parda i.e. Acacia seeds are removed from the fruit and these seeds are crushed or made into a paste and tied on a broken bone, the broken bone becomes stronger and joins. This experiment is very simple and easy.

This experiment we have been using there for years. When a mixture of jaggery and lime is applied to a broken bone or a wound, the pain is relieved. which alleviates bone injury. Increases circulation by diluting the blood and the clotted cells, which also reduces swelling.

Apart from this, boiled eggs and omelettes can be eaten for breakfast to keep bones strong. Eggs contain good amounts of vitamins A and D along with protein, which strengthens bones. By taking coriander leaves i.e. coriander leaves and putting them in pouna, omelette, paratha etc., bone strength is maintained.

According to Ayurveda, eating herbs like barley grass, alfalfa and roj heps can make bones strong. Milk also contains a good amount of calcium, it can be taken plain or made into a shake. Milk contains vitamin D, protein, phosphorus and potassium along with calcium. Which is considered best for bones.

Soybeans contain a good amount of protein, along with other essential minerals and supplements that are beneficial to the body, which can help protect bones. Consuming apples is also good for bones, eating apples every day cures bone problems. Apples contain antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids, which help keep bones healthy. So it is more beneficial to eat apples with peels.

Sesame also has the power to strengthen bones. It is a good remedy to prevent bone disease. Sesame seeds in particular are rich in calcium. Which is very beneficial for bones. For this you can benefit by eating a handful of fried white sesame seeds every day. You can also drink it with warm milk.

Pineapple is also a very useful fruit to keep bones strong. Sometimes a deficiency of manganese in the body can also cause joint pain and bone weakness. Therefore, a small bowl of pineapple should be consumed before meals. You can also drink pineapple juice daily. It strengthens the bones.

We often hear that fish oil is very good for bones. If you are a non-vegetarian then this fish oil is very useful for you, fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the loss of bones and muscles. Adequate amounts of fish oil are beneficial. While excessive intake can also cause loss.

Alu Badam fruit is also beneficial for bones in the body. Almonds contain high amounts of polyphenols, which can help prevent bone loss. Almonds are also rich in boron and copper, two minerals that are extremely beneficial for bones. People of all ages can eat two to three almonds daily, which helps prevent bone weakness.

Supplementing the diet with coconut oil can prevent estrogen deficiency bone loss. Antioxidants in coconut oil regulate bone structure and protect against bone loss caused by hormonal changes. Along with this, the oil also helps in the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body. These two essential nutrients are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Thus, bones can be kept strong by the above remedies in the body. All the bones in the body become strong through these remedies. Broken bones heal quickly. Bone loss is reduced. Diseases of joint pain and bone pain also remain away. Hope this information will be very useful for you and your bones will be strong.