Eating this one thing in winter delays aging and keeps the body healthy.

By | October 26, 2022

Eating this one thing in winter delays aging and keeps the body healthy.


Today we are going to tell you about a divine medicine that will be available in the highest and best quantity in the winter season. Will not fade and will keep you very young. So let’s get an introduction to the name of this herb its name is Amla which is also called double engine of health. Almost thousands of years ago, Sage Chavan regained his youth in his old age. Today amla is used to make a delicious product and it is called Amal Ki Rasayan.

Amla pickle, amla chutney, amla vegetable, amla marmalade, amla powder etc. are made from amla. Talking about the main vitamins and minerals obtained from amla, apart from vitamin C, vitamins and minerals are available in good proportion.

Amla will be available in abundance in this ongoing winter season and it is called amrit as it contains vitamin C in abundance. Vitamin C works to boost immunity. Vitamin C is found in all other sour fruits like Mosambi, Lemon, Khata Katra etc. but the vitamin C found in these amla varies from soil to soil. It is said that just 1 amla contains the same amount of vitamins as 4 mangoes.

Grinding amla and mango leaves and applying them to the roots of the head strengthens the hair and keeps the hair from turning white. Apart from amla, all other fruits that contain vitamin C are destroyed by heat, but amla is the only fruit that does not destroy vitamin C even in heat.


You can consume amla in full stomach in winter season as much amla should be eaten which is very beneficial. We all know that galla, gokhru and amla are chemical powders and harde, behda and amla are triphalachurns. Amla is used to make most of the Ayurvedic products.Consuming amla increases the immunity to a great extent and you already know that the value of the immune system in our body is known during the Corona period. Consuming amla benefits digestion and relieves you from constipation, diarrhea etc. and is very beneficial for mental health as amla contains phytonutrients that help fight free radicals that damage brain cells.

It is very beneficial if you cut amla with the help of a small paddle every day in the winter season and then pour water containing Sindhav salt on it and consume it. You should eat at least 1 amla per day and at most 4 to 5 amla are beneficial. Amla relieves gas, indigestion and digestive problems.

Even if you make amla marmalade and consume it, it is very beneficial for you. It is more beneficial to treat certain diseases before they occur than to treat them. That is why it is said that it is necessary to build a dam before the flood.

It works to keep the blood sugar level under control and it also keeps diabetics under control. During the winter season, like eating raw green amla only, when the time of amla is over, dry the amla in the shade and once it is dry, make its powder in a mixer, then you can consume this powder in the morning and evening. You can also keep this amla powder at home to make dal-shak.

That is why Sage Chavan regained his youth by consuming amla thousands of years ago, even at the age of 65 he lived like a young man and had the same health as a young man. If someone does not like to eat amla, then you can also consume amla juice.

Thus, we have given you the necessary information about the benefits of consuming amla in winter season and how to make amla marmalade and amla juice and consume it.