Drinking just one cup of mug water in Narana Koth will not make you go to the hospital one day

By | October 30, 2022

Drinking just one cup of mug water in Narana Koth will not make you go to the hospital one day

Eating boiled mug has many benefits in the body. So first soaking the mug a day before and when it starts sprouting, eating it boiled and drinking the water of that boiled mug is beneficial. Add 2 cups of water to each 1 cup of sprouted mug and cook it covered with a lid. Cooking in this way takes less time. Also less fuel is used and more vitamins are produced.
 Once the water boils, reduce the flame and cook on low flame. Heat until almost cooked. The mugs are ripe when they crack when the seeds are pressed. Salt and many other spices can be added to enhance the taste. Eating this boiled mug gives many benefits to the body.

Boiled mugwort contains enzymes. which aids in digestion and is naturally alkaline. This increases the protein during sprouting. For example, upon sprouting, the protein content of mung beans increases by 30 percent. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and B complex when sprouted, steamed sprouted mugs are a good source of fiber, which is good for diabetes and the heart.

There are many benefits of mango. Mug is beneficial for your body from illness. If a sprouted mug is eaten, only 30 calories and 1 gram of fat reach the body. Mangoes cooked with peels and eaten in pure desi ghee with hing and cumin seeds cure many diseases related to the body. Both patients and healthy people can use this dal.

ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Nowadays, many people are troubled by the problem of gaining weight, while mango water is very useful for weightloss. Also it reduces calories and drinking this water does not make you feel hungry for a long time. By drinking which a person fills energetically and can lose weight easily. For this one should drink a bowl of mango water in the morning and evening.

Sweating often weakens the immune system. Drinking mango water gives energy to the body. Doctors advise any sick person to eat mug, as it is light and easily digested. It is beneficial for the body and mind. Since mugs are light, they do not allow gas to form in the body.

There are many minerals in mung bean. Mung bean water is very healthy for the child. Mung bean water is easily digested and drinking it increases the immune power of the child and also increases the resistance to disease. ‘

For diarrhea or diarrhoea, one should drink mung bean water in a bowl. Drinking a bowl of mango water fulfills the water requirement of the body and also cures the problem of diarrhea.

Eating mugwort reduces the sodium effect in the body, which helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Sprouted mung beans are rich in soluble fiber. Which can provide relief from flat tummy.

Antioxidants in mugs neutralize cancer-causing free radicals. Due to which serious diseases like skin cancer can be avoided. Sprouted mung beans are rich in iron which makes hair and skin healthy. Along with it, it also protects against anemia. If you are constipated, consuming boiled mung bean can cure constipation. It contains a lot of fiber. Which protects from every stomach related problem. Along with that digestion also takes place in a proper manner.

If you want to lose weight, boiled mugs are very beneficial for that. Because it is very low in calories. Phytoestrogen antioxidants in the body make collagen and elastin in the body to make the skin young and healthy.

Eating boiled mugwort increases immunity in the body, thereby preventing diseases. Eating boiled mugwort removes toxins from the body and prevents liver problems. Boiled mugwort contains protein that strengthens muscles and prevents joint pain. Due to the increase in immunity, diseases caused by mosquito bites are cured by drinking boiled mango water as a result of increasing immunity.

Digestion improves. If any stomach problem or any illness is applicable then it is advised to eat boiled mugh and fourth. Because it is easy to digest. It does not put any stress on the digestive process.

When weakness applies, start consuming boiled mug. In the body, this boiled mug contains iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin B complex and protein, which helps to remove the weakness of the body. All these elements are easily available in boiled mug.

Boiled mugwort is very beneficial for the skin and also for skin health. Boiled mugwort plays a very important role in curing this skin disease in the body. Boiled mugwort contains antioxidants that scavenge cancer-causing free radicals, thereby protecting against the risk of serious illnesses like skin cancer.

Consuming boiled mug and drinking boiled mug water flushes out the impurities in the body, thereby cleansing the body. Sprouts in mugs contain cytrogen which keeps the body producing collagen and elastin so that the effect of age does not appear on the face soon.

Boiled mugwort contains pepticide that balances blood pressure and is useful in keeping the body fit. Boiled mugwort contains folate which gives relief to women during labour. Eating sprouted mugwort prevents hair fall. Thus, you can stay away from many diseases by including mango in your diet, which is full of many qualities.

Boiled mugwort is beneficial in cold sores, when they become infected, sometimes the pain is unbearable when the pimples form in them, and there is danger of infection elsewhere. While boiled mugwort contains a special enzyme called lysine that inhibits the growth and development of wounds. which prevents these lesions on the skin.

This boiled mug is also useful for controlling and preventing menstrual problems in women. Isoflavones also help regulate hormonal activity. It cures problems like irregular menstruation, excessive bleeding etc.

Boiled mugwort contains copper, which also protects the scalp. Rich in minerals like iron, calcium and manganese, which are important for hair cells, mugs nourish the hair cells well. Mug is also useful for lowering blood pressure.

Boiled mango water is said to be life-giving in Ayurveda, because it gives strength to the body at the time of need which is when the body is very weak due to chronic diseases like TB etc. when it is not able to eat and digest a little in ICU. . It then imparts energy to the patient, i.e. works to give life.

Mango water should be drunk when there is any injury, wound, or discharge of pus in the body. In kapha diseases like obesity, thyroid or blockage problem, problems like asthma, asthma, brochitis, etc. should consume mango dal water.

Diseases of the blood especially those involving bleeding, nosebleeds and, as is often the case, heavy menstrual bleeding in women. Boiled mug and its water are useful in all these problems. Mango water is very useful in blood in urine, blood in stool and internal bleeding etc.

Mung water cleans the blood, when the taste is gone from the mouth in any disease and drinking mung water is beneficial. Eating the mug also creates taste. Even when the body is swollen or there is pain and swelling due to a tumor, eating boiled mugh gives relief. It also relieves heel pain.

It is also a good medicine for fever, which also cures fevers like malaria, chikungunya, dengue etc. In diseases of pitta which feel excessive heat, sweat profusely, in which also boiled mugh is very beneficial.

Thus, eating boiled mug gives many benefits to the body, which removes the above mentioned problems of the body very easily. Therefore, mug has benefits in the body like reducing weight, increasing immunity, providing energy. We hope this information is very useful for you.