This kandamool occurring in winter is the period of cold, cough, phlegm and gas. 

By | November 5, 2022

This kandamool occurring in winter is the period of cold, cough, phlegm and gas. 


Most of the diseases like cold, cough, phlegm occur in this season and there are some people who have cold during the four months of this winter. For how to cure it at home, let us give you information about what can be done by eating the root of winter. So let us get the information about the name of that tuber, then friends you all must have heard the name of that radish and must have consumed radish. Radish is called winter root. Before consuming Radish you have to take care of some special things because Radish acts as elixir for some people and there are some people for whom it also causes harm. Radish

You can consume Radish as Radish Leaf Bhaji, Radish Pickle, Radish Leaf Branch Pickle, Radish Salad etc. But you have to be careful that when you are going to eat Radish, it should be raw Radish, if you are eating Radish and Hard Radish. If you consume it, you will get upset stomach, gas problem, indigestion etc.

You chip some radishes and then roast them in ghee, then if they are eaten, the aroma is mixed with gold because the bile from the radishes works to kill the pitta dosha. Consuming Radish People who have high acidity should never consume Radish. If they want to eat Radish, they can fry it in some ghee. You can also consume radish to get rid of dry hemorrhoids.

Consuming radish is considered very beneficial for those with stones. If people with stones juice radish and consume it, it is beneficial for stones, and if they eat radish after adding Sindhav salt and coriander cumin on the radish, it is also very beneficial.

ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

For those people who have a lot of cough and cold, they must consume Radish. They can take one teaspoon of Radish every day. The phlegm comes out and the cold is completely cured.

Now, whenever you make radish bhaji, you have to pay special attention that if you put that bhaji in sesame oil or cow’s ghee, the dosha of gas and pitta will be completely removed from it.

Radish is very beneficial for weight loss because radish works to increase the metabolism system in the body, people who are overweight, first cut the radish into small pieces and extract its juice with the help of a mixer, add some water and Prepare a glass of juice, now add Sindhav salt, cumin powder, lemon juice of half a lemon, i.e. one teaspoon of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of honey.

You don’t have to eat anything else for an hour, so you lose weight a lot. You will have plenty of radish for 4 months of winter, if you make radish juice and consume it in this way, your weight will be under control.

According to Ayurveda, Radish Mogri and Dahi should not be consumed after noon. You have to pay special attention that you should use any Radish product till noon.

Thus, through this article, we have informed you about the benefits of consuming Radish as root in winter.