90% of people do not know what happens in the body by eating millet

By | November 16, 2022

90% of people do not know what happens in the body by eating millet

Millet is a grain that has been eaten by the villagers of Gujarat for years. Its crop ripens in all three seasons i.e. winter, summer and monsoon. Earlier elders used to consume only millet rota daily. However, in today’s urban areas, the consumption of millet has become negligible. While the villagers are also turning to wheat bread. In this article we will talk about the benefits of eating millets.

Millet is one of the most nutritious and powerful grains compared to other grains. It is grown in some areas of Hariyala, Rajasthan and Gujarat in India and is eaten in abundance by the villagers. Nutrients required by the body are very easily found in millet.

Millet is an ancient food of our country. Which is very beneficial for the body. As delicious as millet is in taste, it is very beneficial for the body. Millets contain more energy than wheat, so the body gets more energy.

For people who do a lot of physical exertion and are involved in farm work, it is very important to consume Bajra to maintain energy. Eating bajra rota and cow ghee provides multiple nutrition to the body and is very good food. Due to which the body becomes strong, and also increases strength.

Millets are incandescent. Bajra is helpful for people who have stomach fire. Bajra is beneficial for people whose digestive power is weakened. Bajra also improves appetite and digestion.

Eating millet is beneficial for people who are obese, have a lot of weight. Millet is useful in weight loss. People who consume millet lose weight. Millet grain, millet bread and its raab are very useful. Eating millets makes the stomach feel full which reduces appetite. Due to which it is useful in weight loss.

Millet contains a lot of calcium, due to which our bones remain strong. Gives strength to weak bones in children and elderly. So people with calcium deficiency should take millet in food.

Bajra is also useful for facilitating digestion as it contains fiber. Millet is also useful for diabetic patients. Eating wheat and rice dishes is harmful for people who have diabetes. Millets are essential for such people. Millets control sugar in diabetes.

Millet is a mind calmer. Millet removes all the problems like depression, mental stress, lack of sleep. In the village mostly millet bread and cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk is consumed in the evening meal and sleeping on the left side gives good sleep and a person’s mind also remains calm.

Many people suffer from headaches. In this, if you have a headache due to stress and fatigue, making a millet pot and roasting it gives relief from the headache.

If there is a problem of upset stomach due to imbalance in food and drink, using this millet gives quick relief. By roasting millet and making a potli and shaking it on the stomach, it gives quick relief in stomach pain. People who have stomach related problems can gradually get better by consuming millets.

ગુજરાતી માં માહિતી વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

If many people do not have diarrhea then consuming millet gives quick relief from diarrhea and indigestion. Mixing 35 grams of sugar in about 200 grams of curd and eating it with bajra ghee chapadi rotli and consuming it daily in the morning for one month is beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy.

Mixing 18 grams of old jaggery and 2 grams of Akashvalli paste in 5 grams of millet powder and making 3 pills, taking 1 pill daily and wrapping it with beeley leaves or something is beneficial in muscular disease.
Bajra contains antioxidants, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E which helps in keeping the skin healthy. Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals. Free radicals can damage the skin. Vitamin C helps protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Eating millet grains mixed with asafoetida, jaggery or banana stops belching. By massaging millet flour with pounded sandalwood and crushed sindhav, it stops sweating.

Bajra helps in keeping the digestive system healthy, in such cases those suffering from gas, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea problems should consume bajra roti regularly. Bajro is a panacea for stomach ache, for this, make a bajra potli and roast it when you have stomach ache. It eliminates the stomach pain in a few problems.

Millet is also useful for those who have piles. The taste of millet is hot. In case you have joint pain, knee pain, back pain and gout problem, for this you should consume nutritious food made of millet regularly.

Millet is full of anti-cancer properties. It can prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body. Its consumption can prevent serious diseases. Bajra consumption is beneficial for cancer patients. Millets contain iron, due to which the body does not get iron or iron deficiency. Millet accelerates the formation of hemoglobin in the body and keeps the platelets normal in the body. So consuming millet does not cause anemia and builds blood.

Thus, millets are very useful for our body and should be consumed regularly. Consuming this millet is very useful in all the above mentioned problems. It helps in curing many problems along with providing strength and energy to the body. We hope that this information about bajra is very useful for you and you can stay healthy by consuming and using bajra.